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Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Wills Wing XC 155

Price: $1,500

Comments: Used ten times then sat in storage...must pick up in San Diego.

Contact Information: Keone Williams,, ph.(702)334-7917

Sent From:, Wed Oct 15 14:38:27 PDT 2008

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Want:Hang Glider working condition

Price: under $200

Comments: none

Contact Information: if selling contact me at

Sent From:, Fri Oct 17 20:23:03 PDT 2008

Equipment Type: Miscellaneous

looking for some pneumatic wheels

Price: neg.

Comments: I am looking for some pneumatic wheels. If you have a pair, let me know. Thanks! John Stokes

Contact Information: 423-605-8908

Sent From:, Mon Oct 20 07:01:25 PDT 2008

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

beginners glider wanted

Price: reasonable

Comments: i want a beginners glide XT145 or smth like this. i am 155 pounds. i do not want something very old that can cause me trouble and i cannot afford anything which is above $1000. please reach me at for your offers.

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Wed Oct 22 03:19:43 PDT 2008

Equipment Type: Miscellaneous

Falcon 195, Talon 140, QS 330 Reserve with Swivel and vario

Price: Misc

Comments: Falcon 195 in near perfect condition. Possibly 10 hours with no UV wear. $1,500 firm Talon 140 with 120+ hours. All Mylar upper with red and white lower. Flies amazing and has at least one to two seasons left in it. Asking $750 High Energy QS330 reserve parachute. Inspected and repacked annually by High Energy. Perfect Condition $400 Sky Runner Full faced helmet Size M (White) $50 Ball M19 Vario $125

Contact Information: Steve Jones 615-519-3630 or

Sent From:, Sat Oct 25 21:15:09 PDT 2008