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Last update 2/4/97

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The following is my first cut at a hang glider database. As requested by several readers of the mailing list, it gives manufacturer, years of manufacture, available sizes, minimum recommended rating and related comments. The ratings given are the USHGA versions (1 = Beginner, 2 = Novice, 3 = Intermediate, 4 = Advanced). As prices vary tremendously both regionally and over time, I'm not even attempting an estimate.

This list is by no means complete and it is meant to be added to by others until we arrive at a somewhat more definitive database. Initially the comments, manufacture dates and recommended skill levels will mostly reflect my own recollections and opinions. As others contribute to the list, the number of comments will grow and I hope the result will be broad based and reasonably objective.

Note: It is my policy to include every comment that contributors to this list choose to make. So these comments range from fairly neutral statements describing gliders that people have seen flying around to somewhat less neutral rave reviews of wings people own (or make) and have fallen in love with. So the reader is advised to take the information found here as a good starting point in comparing gliders, but as with all hang gliding information, always fly before you buy.

Here Goes:

Wills Wing

Located in southern CA. In business since the early '70's. Wills Wing is the largest Hang Glider manufacturer in the US. Phone (714) 998-6359

Certification : All listed Wills Wing gliders are HGMA cerified.

Glider      Years     Sizes (sq. ft)   Rating      Comments

Raven       '79 - '81       179, 209, 229       1         Floater, easy handling
                                                          Single surface trainer
                                                          Uncambered fiberglass battens														  
                                                          Poor penetration
                                                          Statically tail heavy
                                                          229 used as tandem glider
                                                          These are getting very old now, 
                                                          but some are still flyable.  
                                                          A real floater, and very popular 
                                                          in the late 70's.  Check the sail 
                                                          carefully if you get one.
Harrier     '81 - '84       147, 177, 187       2       Easy handling trainer
(I & II)                                                  Single surface
                                                          Cambered aluminum battens
                                                          Relatively tight flare timing
                                                          for a trainer
                                                          Getting pretty old now, but an 
                                                          excellent single surface glider.  
                                                          Possibly the fastest turning glider
                                                          ever made.
                                                          and for a contrasting view:
														  The Harrier and Duck hang ratings 
														  given here suffer from the
														  "older is easier" syndrom.  
														  I believe the Harrier was marketed 
														  as a Hang 3 glider.  As you note, the 
														  Harrier has critical flare timing.  It 
														  is NOT a training glider, because of this.  
Duck        '81 - '83       130, 155, 180,      3         Double surface glider
                            200                           OK handling for an early '80s
                                                          competition glider, but stiff
                                                          by contemporary standards.
                                                          Extremely tight flare timing
                                                          Originally marketed as a hang 4 glider,
                                                          the Duck is stiff handling with critical 
                                                          flare timing - many modern higher 
                                                          performance (Hang 4) gliders are easier to
                                                          fly.  I think this glider
                                                          and the Harrier should both be listed with
                                                          their original rating guidelines, because 
                                                          they have negative handling traits which 
                                                          have been improved in modern designs. 
Attack      '83 - '84       155, 180            3         Similar to Duck but with
Duck                                                      minor improvements 
                                                          (half-ribs, straight tips)
SkyHawk     '84 - '89       168, 188            1         Refined Harrier for training
                                                          use.  Easy handling / landing.
                                                          One of the best single surface gliders
                                                          ever made, I think.  Low top end speed, 
                                                          but it will turn on a dime and is
                                                          well-engineered.  Easy to set up.  

HP          '84 - '88       170                 3-4       Stiff handling, fast competition
(1 & 2)                                                   glider.  No keel pocket
                                                          Early models in particular
                                                          were difficult to turn.  HP2
                                                          added kingpost hang system and
                                                          improved handling somewhat
Sport       '86 -           150, 167, 180       2         Recreational Double Surface Glider
(& AT)                                                    No keel pocket.  Compromise
(& Supersport)                                            of good handling, reasonable
(& Sport American)          143, 153, 163                 landing, glide and penetration 
                            (Supersport)                  characteristics.  7075 tubing made
                                                          for relatively light weight.
                                                          The Sport American was the same
                                                          glider with the more common 6061 														  
                                                          tubing.  This was about 5 lbs. 
                                                          heavier but was otherwise very similar.														  
                                                          167 Sport AT has proven to be better 
                                                          than average rec. class glider.
                                                          Landing flare timing not critical.
                                                          Very distinct flare cues.
                                                          Not tail heavy as in previous WW
                                                          Watch for excessive wear on corner fittings.
                                                          Some gliders came with unsleeved down tubes. 
                                                          Replace with sleeved ASAP.
                                                          Super Sport is NOT a huge gain over Sport AT if at all.
                                                          Try and find a used SportAT 167! 
                                                          They are that well liked.
HP-AT       '89 - '93       145, 158            3-4       VG (lever).  Easier handling
                                                          than earlier HP models, but still
                                                          reputed to have moderately tight 
                                                          flare timing.
Spectrum    '91 -           144, 165            1         Current generation double
                                                          surface trainer
                                                          I owned a Spectrum 165 and
                                                          thought it was more for a hang 2 or 3.  
                                                          It was very manuverable in the air
                                                          but I could never land it consitently well.
                                                          Also the set up was a bit tedious
                                                          compared to my friends Pac-Air Pulse.  
                                                          I traded the Spectrum in for a WW Falcon 195 
                                                          and since I only platform tow once a month
                                                          or so and I enjoy the Falcon more.   
                                                          Also, the Spectrum I had was called the 
                                                          "plus" model that was $400 more and included 
                                                          wing tips and faired down tubes.														  

RamAir      '93 -           146, 154            4         Very fast, excellent energy retention
                                                          and good flare authority, though some
                                                          pilots report unusual handling 
                                                          characteristics.  Has undersurface
                                                          scoop designed to pressurize
                                                          the wing at high speed.														  
XC          '95              ?                  4         Variant of the RamAir (without
                                                          the undersurface scoop),
                                                          reputed to maintain the
                                                          performance of the Ram
                                                          with better handling characteristics
Falcon      '95             170, 195, 225       1         Single surface trainer.
                                                          Light, very easy handling.
                                                          225 is a good tandem glider
Fusion      '97             150                 4         No upper rigging. Fast
                                                          "Handles similarly toother
                                                          Wills high performance
                                                          gliders" (a bit trucklike,
                                                          but good in turbulence)		

Ultrasport  '97             147, 166           3          Successor to Sport and
                                                          Supersport but reputed
                                                          to have better performance.
                                                          Has VG (a first for
                                                          non-comp level WW gliders).

Pacific Airwave - includes pre-merger Pacific Windcraft and Airwave

Second largest US Hang Glider Manufacturer currently based in Salinas, CA. Formed in the late 1980s through the merger of Pacific Windcraft of Salinas with Airwave Gliders of the UK. Phone: (408) 422-2299

NOTE: As of November 1996, Pacific Airwave ceased operations. Airwave gliders will continue to be manufactured at the home factory in the UK. All US gliders will be distributed through Lookout Mountain Flight Park in GA (706) 398-3541.

For the latest product information, check out their WWW page.

Certification : All listed PacAir gliders with the exception of the Magic series are HGMA certified. The Magic series was certified by corresponding European organizations.

Glider    Years    Sizes (sq ft)  Rating     Comments

Esprit       ?

Vision    '83 - '86    160, 180, 200     1-2       Easy handling double surface trainer
                                                   Good landing characteristics.
                                                   Poor penetration for double surface
Eclipse   '86 - '87    170, 190          1-2       Next generation Vision
                                                   Quasi-keel-pocketless (keel strap)
                                                   Some had high speed oscillation problems
Mark IV   '88 - '92    170, 190          1-2       Next Generation Vision
                                                   Better performance than Eclipse
                                                   without oscillation problems
Pulse     '92 -        9, 10, 11 (m2)    1-2       Current generation Vision

Magic     '83 - '88    133,155,166        3        High Performance Double Surface
(3 & 4)                177                         Fast, Easy Landing, VG
                                                   High Pitch Pressures
K-series  '88 - 94     144, 154, 160      3        Keel Pocketless High Performance
(Kiss, K2                                          Double Surface, VG
K3, K4, K5                                         Some early models had tuning problems
                                                   Some models have a high speed oscillation
                                                   Different models refer to different
                                                   sizes (Kiss,K4=154, K2,K5=144, K3=160)
Klassic    '94 -       144, 155, 166     3-4       Next generation K-series 
                                                   competition glider
                                                   1995 models have optional winglets
                                                   that are claimed to improve both
                                                   handling and high speed performance
Formula      ?         144, 154          2-3       Recreational Double Surface
                                                   Good handling 
                                                   Formulas are yawy gliders but very manoeuvrable.


Australian manufacturer with operations worldwide. Distributed in the US through Moyes California in Canoga Park, CA. Phone: (818) 887-3361

Only gliders back to the GTR era are included. Somebody else can comment on the Mega, Maxi, Meteor, Missile, Missile GT, Mars, etc.

Certification : All listed Moyes gliders are HGMA certified.

Glider     Years   Sizes (sq ft)   Rating     Comments

GTR       '85 - '88   147, 162, 175        3       Relatively good handling high
                      210(!)                       performance double surface, VG
                                                   Curved Fiberglass wingtips
                                                   Heavy.  Bulletproof
XS        '88 - '93   142, 155, 169       3-4      High Performance.  No keel pocket
(1 & 2)                                            Good high speed glide. Heavy,
                                                   Bulletproof (very hard to break)
XT        '90 -       145, 165             2       Recreational Double Surface

XL        '91 -       145, 165             1       Single Surface Trainer

XS3       '93 -       142                  3       Lightened XS.  Easy Handling
                                                   with good performance.  Small
                                                   control frame. VG
Xtralite  '93 -       127, 137, 147        4       Smaller Lighter XS Descendent
                      157, 164                     Fast, Relatively Easy Handling
                                                   Some improvements in set up ease
                                                   over XS series.  Wider range of sizes 
                                                   than most competition gliders.
                                                   127 and 137 sizes are available
                                                   with smaller control frames and
                                                   narrower faired tubes for smaller pilots.
SX        '96 -       127, 137, 149, 153   4       Direct descendent of the Xtralite
(SuperXtralite)                                    with some hardware modifications
                                                   (narrower faired tubes, easier VG)
                                                   Also contains internal deflexor
                                                   cable as in Enterprise Wings Desire.
                                                   This is claimed to improve low
                                                   speed handling.	The four sizes
                                                   are also referred to as the SX2 - SX5.
CSX        97            149, 153          4       Version of the SX with a carbon
                                                   spar and no top rigging.  Reputed
                                                   to be very fast with a great glide.


(back to the Sensor 510 era of the mid-'80s)
Note that all Seedwings Sensor series gliders listed have curved fiberglass tips and have always maintained a reputation for excellent sail work and hardware finish, excellent sink/climb rates and very good speed range. Until the 610 era they also had something of a reputation for tricky landing and unusual handling.

Seedwings has manufactured gliders in Goleta, CA (near Santa Barbara) since the 1970's. Phone (805) 968-7070

Certification : Sensors up through the 510 series are HGMA certified. The company claims that the 610 series, while not certified, has met or exceeded all the HGMA airworthiness standards.
Glider      Years      Sizes (sq. ft)    Rating     Comments

Sensor 510A       82-84      160, 180           4       VG and keel pocket

Sensor 510B       85-87      160                4       VG, no keel pocket

Sensor 510C       87-89      160                4       VG compensator system

Sensor 510E       90-92      160                4		 

Sensor 610        93-        144, 152           4       Improved handling and landing
                                                        characteristics while maintaining
                                                        excellent performance.  '94 and
                                                        later models have "flap" system
                                                        to improve low speed sink rate.
Note: The comments associated with the next entry are widely varying.
Sensor 610F 95- (135), 144, 152 4 The latest 610F has the control bar attached behind the CG for Better flair authority. There are 6 shear ribs per side in lieu of 3 per side previously. The air frame and ribs are constructed of 7075-T3 Aluminum alloy. The 152 weighs 70 lbs. The flap system is integral with the VG system. Sail areas are actually 152, 144 & 135 Sq.ft. respectively. The stall speed is 19 mph correct airspeed with flaps (12 mph indicated airspeed). Min. sink is estimated at 160 fpm at the recommended wing loading of 1.8 lb./sq.ft. The glide ratio is estimated at 14:1. VNE=65 mph, VA=55mph. "Just pull-in on the VG line and watch as the flap system disengages, transforming your floater back into a screaming blade wing." Another contributor writes in rebuttal:
I do not know who put the entry for the Sensor 610F but it is misleading. The 135 size does not yet exist even in prototype form. Delivery for new Sensor exceeds one year as Bob Trampeneau does everything himself. Furthermore, none of the Sensor 610 are USHGA certified. Maybe I am picky but I was looking at buying one and I did some research. From what I heard from other pilots, I will never but a Sensor myself unless I want to be a test pilot for Bob.

And the owner of Seedwings himself, Bob Trampenau, comments:
The 135/610F first flew in July 1996. Most are in Japan, a few are in Calif. As to test flying, I, or qualified factory individuals test fly each Sensor before delivery. The flap system was retro fitted on approx. (75) 610's that were produced prior to the introduction of the 610F. We have 150 Sensor 610's flying now.

Our newest 610 F2 is available in sizes: 150, 142 and 135. The new 610 F2 are all standardized planforms with each other, they all have the same number of ribs. The latest addition to the new 610 F2 design is a turbulator bump on the LE of the airfoil improving L/D and min sink. The new F2 comes in 3 configurations: wire braced (standard), washout struts instead of reflex bridles or negatively cantalivered (topless). The second two configurations will be available by 1998.

Ultralight Products (UP)

The many versions of UP: The earliest was a leading manufacturer in the late '70s and early '80s and produced such well known gliders as the Condor, Mosquito, Comet 1 & 2, Gemini and GZ (Glidezilla). This company, however, folded due to legal problems around 1985. UP was resurrected in 1988 with the introduction of the Axis high performance glider and the Comet 3. During this period they also took over manufacture of the Dream series of trainers from the defunct Delta Wing Kites. This incarnation of UP lasted until about 1990 when the management changed and the company moved from southern California to Utah. This change corresponded with the introduction of the TRX carbon fiber framed high performance glider. At this time production of Dreams was assigned to a separate company, Air Sports International.

Note: In 1995 the designers of the TRX left UP and formed a new company, Blue Sky Aviation. Gliders manufactured by Blue Sky are currently listed under the UP heading in the hang glider database.
Certification : All listed UP gliders are HGMA certified.

Glider  Years   Sizes (sq. ft)      Rating      Comments

Condor    77-78      ?, 269              2         Possibly the slowest flying hang glider 
                                                   ever made.  The Condor would still make a 
                                                   good trainer.  The 269 was a popular
                                                   tandem glider for large loads.

Comet     80-82     165, 185             3         First of the modern double surface
                                                   gliders.  Good performance for its
                                                   day, but rather stiff by current 
                                                   standards, high pitch pressure.
                                                   Easier to land than its contemporary,
                                                   the Duck series.
Gemini    81-84     134, 164, 184        1-2       Single surface Comet.  Floating but 
                                                   exposed crossbar.  Well regarded
                                                   trainer of this period.
                                                   This was a single surface version of the 
                                                   famous UP Comet.  Same hardware, same 
                                                   upper-sail planform, just no lower surface.
                                                   Flies well, turns well, but doesn't fly as
                                                   fast as the Comet.

Comet 2   83-84     165, 185             3-4       Cleaner Comet replacement.  Similar.

GZ        85        155                  4         Small, heavy, fast.  Never became
                                                   popular before UP folded.

Axis      88-90     13, 15 (m2)          4         Fast, stiff handling.  Well
                                                   regarded as aerobatic gliders.
                                                   Has VG
Comet 3   89-90     185, ?               3         Intermediate level double surface 
                                                   glider.  Not produced for long.
                                                   Few models in service.
TRX       91-       140, 160             3-4       Carbon fiber framed, high performance
                                                   glider with VG.  Significantly lighter
                                                   than other competing designs.  Very
                                                   good sink rate and landing 
XTR        ?         ?                   3         Aluminum framed version of TRX for
XTC        ?         ?                   1+        Single surface trainer series
                                                   205 size used as tandem glider
Predator  95-       142, 158             4         Blue Sky's succesor to the TRX.
                                                   Carbon framed, uses vortex generators
                                                   on the wing to increase performance.
                                                   Reported to outperform the TRX.
                                                   Predator sails may be retrofitted
                                                   to TRX frames.	 

Enterprise Wings

Australian Glider Manufacturer. Distributed in US - contact Don Quackenbush (818) 367-6050
In December 1995, Enterprise Wings closed, due to the low volumes and the high fixed costs of hang-glider manufacture. Spare parts for all the product range are now available through Moyes Australia which will also continue to manufacture the Enterprise Wings "Rage" recreational glider.

Certification : All listed Enterprise gliders are HGMA certified.
Glider  Years   Sizes (sq. ft)   Rating      Comments

Aero     91-     145, 165             2         Keelpocketless, recreational double
                                                surface wing, No VG, 14 battens 
                                                upper-surface, 4 under-surface. 
                                                Aspect Ratio 5.2. Nose angle 122.
                                                65% double surface. 56 lbs. 
                                                Great Novice wing.
Rage     95-          ?               3         The Rage has a very fast set-up, VG, and 
                                                very good glide at low to medium speeds. 
                                                In Enterprise Wings' tradition is particularly 
                                                easy to fly.
Foil     87-89    160, 170 ?          3-4       Competition glider with reputation
                                                for good handling.  Has VG
Combat   90-93    137, 152            3-4       Succesor to Foil.  Good handling,
                                                relatively high pitch pressures.
Desire   93-      141, 151            4         Competition Wing with extremely good handling.
                                                named Desire to maintain the letter 
                                                tradition started when the company's 
                                                name was Foil. The Combat was the Foil C. 
                                                The Desire is the foil D.  The focus on 
                                                handling highlighted by the success of the 
                                                Combat is very clear in the Desire, which 
                                                coordinates brilliantly in thermals, with 
                                                no need to highside (particularly the 151), 
                                                even with VG full on (most pilots would 
                                                fly it with VG on except for take off and 
                                                landing). Glide is very good and landing is 
                                                easy due to a relatively large flare window. 
                                                Flat rigging and tensioning is possible.
                                                Was the glider of choice of the Australian 

Elite    95-         ?                4         Replacement for the Desire.  The
                                                following is a detailed report taken
                                                from the hang gliding mailing list:
                                                The planform looks different than the Desire. 
                                                All 7075 tubing so it is *much* lighter than 
                                                the Desire. The Leading Edge looks very stiff.
                                                There is no any neoprene between the top and 
                                                bottom surface at the tips.  It has washout 
                                                struts. The top of the A-frame is on a short 
                                                slide, using the Wills Wing hardware, for 
                                                laying flat. That is the only WW hardware though.
                                                There is at least one shear web in the tip section.

                                                There are no tips of any kind, and not even any 
                                                velcro to install them.  Supposedly 
                                                [Enterprise Wings] had done some wind tunnel tests 
                                                and the round type tips most gliders have actually 
                                                make more drag than just the open tip. 

                                                It has a folding base tube. The VG string travel 
                                                is quite short and light. The cross bar pull back 
                                                is very easy also.  The nose wires are tight. It 
                                                has the internal LE deflexor like the Desire, but 
                                                the cable is heavier and the hardware is improved.

                                                The stock TE cloth is a mylar sandwich, and they 
                                                are using different LE cloth. The sail looks very 
                                                nice. The top of the A frame is at least 6" behind 
                                                the hang loops. King post hang system, with a 
                                                neoprene seal around the king post.

                                                Few manufactured before company folded.

Delta Wing Kites

Hang gliding pioneer Bill Bennet's company, now defunct, was based in southern CA until it's closure in the late 1980s

Certification : I believe most of the listed gliders were HGMA certified, but somebody should verify this.
Glider  Years   Sizes (sq. ft)   Rating      Comments

Streak     82-84       ?               4       Stiff, fast (for its day)
                                               competition glider.  Keel pocket,
                                               No VG.  Detached under surface.
                                               Several of these tumbled after
                                               tuning modifications
Mystic     85-87   155, 166, 177       3       Attempted copy of the then popular
                                               Airwave Magic series.  Good handling											   
                                               but never had the performance of the
                                               Magic.  Many called this glider the
                                               "Mistake", but Kevin Christopherson
                                               did set a world distance record in one.
Dream      85-     145, 165, 185       1       Very popular single surface trainer.
                   205, 220, 240               Docile handling, easy landing, poor
                                               glide/penetration.  The 145 was one of the
                                               few good trainers for light (under 120 lb)
                                               pilots (until several small trainers -
                                               Pulse 9M, XL 145, small Spectrum -
                                               hit the market in the early '90s).
                                               The 220 was the de facto standard tandem
                                               glider for many years, but the 240 was
                                               reputed to be too big and difficult to
                                               handle for all but the largest tandem loads.
                                               Production on these models has continued
                                               through UP and later Air Sports International
                                               after Delta Wing folded.
                                               Like the Skyhawk, a superb single surface
                                               glider.  Very maneuverable, easy to launch, 
                                               land and set up.						   

Flight Designs

Another California hang glider manufacturer that folded in the early 1980's. Jean Michel Bernasconi was their designer before founding Pacific Windcraft.

Certification : I believe all of the listed gliders were HGMA certified, but somebody should verify this.
Glider   Years   Sizes (sq. ft)   Rating      Comments

Lancer      79-81   170, 190            1       Easy handling, easy landing
Super Lancer        155, 180, 200               trainer.  Quick set-up.
                                                Uncambered plastic battens
                                                Poor speed and penetration
                                                Comparable to Raven without tail heaviness
                                                There was a huge difference between the old 
                                                Lancer IV and the Super Lancer. The Super 
                                                Lancer was something of a Raven clone. The 
                                                old Lancers were among my personal favorites. 
                                                2 Sizes, 170 sq feet and 190 sq feet. They would 
                                                slow down like a Condor, yet fly faster 
                                                than a Stratus V.
Javelin     81-83   168, 208            1       Easy handling, easy landing trainer
                                                Cambered Aluminum ribs
                                                Better performance than Lancer series
                                                Comparable to Harrier series
Demon 	    80-82    176                3       Early double surface glider.  
                                                Competitor to the Comet, but a bit
                                                heavier (80+ lbs.) and lower in aspect ratio
Shadow      83       172                3       Double surface competition glider
                                                with reputation for good handling
                                                Not many produced before Flight Designs
                                                The Shadow has 27 battens and is still the 
                                                best handling double surface glider I have 
                                                flown. It does have the ability to spin but 
                                                I consider this an asset in dropping out of 
                                                clouds and losing altitude when you want to
                                                come down. Fun glider. If you ever get the 
                                                chance to fly one, give it a try.

Avian Hang Gliders Ltd.

Avian are a British Company based near Sheffield in the North of England. Chief designer and Founder is Steve Elkins, a well known British League Pilot. Avian are setting up agents in USA and Europe. Please call them on: +44 1433 621308 or fax them on +44 1433 621753.

Certification : The Avian Amour, Elan and 155 Java have BHPA certification. Presumably certification of the other sizes of Java is in the works (as of October, 1996).

Glider  Years   Sizes (sq. ft)   Rating      Comments

Elan       89-         154           1-3        60% Double Surface, very light
Amour      91-         139           3-4        Very light, 56lbs in bag, small 
                                                A-frame. Good for the smaller pilot.
           92-         159           3-4        As 139, 63lbs in bag, superb handling.
Java       95-    140, 150, 155      4          High performance glider that handles 
                                                easy as an intermediate, very  
                                                light VG, excellent  speed range, 
                                                very good climb.				

Solar Wings

Long time UK Hang Glider manufacturer. No contact information at present.

Certification : I believe most (if not all) Solar Wings designs have BHPA certification, but I have not checked this.

Glider  Years   Sizes (sq. ft)   Rating      Comments

Typhoon     81-          ?             ?         
Typhoon S4  85-       166, 180         ?        Higher performance version of Typhoon
Ace         86-    150, 160, 170       ?        Early performance Rumour with keel pocket
                                                Also available in "RX" racing version
Sport       88-       150, 160         ?        

Rumour      89-      13.5, 14.5 (m2)   ?        Performance glider, reportedly very stiff

Rumour2     91-      13, 14 (m2)       ?        Performance glider, reportedly bad
                                                in roll	
Rumour      92-          12 (m2)       ?

Rumour3     93-      13, 14 (m2)       ?        High performance, improved on 1 & 2

Rush        94-          15 (m2)       ?

Scandal     95-     12.4, 13.6, 14.4   ?        Newest high performance with APS. 
                                                Active pressure system - holes in 
                                                leading edge, keep its shape at speed														

La Mouette

Long time French Hang Glider manufacturer. No contact information at present. Note that only a small fraction of the gliders produced by this manufacturer have been listed below. Any more information would be welcome.

Certification : unknown

Glider  Years   Sizes (m2)       Rating      Comments

Profil      '84-     13, 15           3         Intermediate double surface glider.
                                                Very nice handling, forgives some mistakes, 
                                                very easy to control during take off
                                                even in turbulent conditions. 

Sphinx      '92-        ?             ?         dual glider

Cobra       '92-      13.5            ?         High performance

Compact     '92-      13              ?         Smaller Cobra

Topless     '95-        ?             ?         High performance, no top rigging													

Information on Airborne, Icaro and any other gliders you can think of will be forthcoming.

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