The Hang Glider / Paraglider Marketplace

Cool stuff for sale. You can submit your own ad by filling out a WWW form.

Ads from the current month are shown on this page, with the most recent at the bottom.
Earlier ads are archived by month.

For information on hang gliders you see listed here, take a look at the database of hang glider models.

Commercial ads are welcome here. I believe that if shops can compete with the prices offered by individuals then their ads should be available in the same location. That way buyers can make the most informed choice and get the best deal.

In Feb 2007 I became aware that spammers had been filling up these pages with ads for viagra, porn, etc.
I installed the CRM114 spam filter in attempt to prevent this, and I now also discard all submissions that exceed 2500 bytes
in length or that contain a href or img html tags. Please email me if you see spam appearing here again. Thanks.

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