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Equipment Type: Miscellaneous

FOR SALE: Static Scooter Tow Winch (Paragliding/Hang gliding)

Price: CDN $ 4,500.00 OBO

Comments: Can't find any mountains or clearings near you to launch from or the wind isn't coming from the right direction? Why not have someone pull you up from any field instead?! We are selling a slightly used custom built static scooter tow winch for towing paraglider or hang glider pilots of all weights and sizes. The tow was built on a Honda Elite 250 scooter frame and engine in mint condition and soldered like a tank to its very own trailer. This is also the perfect learning tool for flight schools. The following essentials are included: - 1 x Small Windsock (8x24 in) - 1 x Hydraulic Line Pressure Gauge - 1 x Spectra 7/64 x 3000 ft Spool - 1 x Tow Line Descender (Line Chute) - 1 x MoJo Splicing Kit (Line Break Fixing Tool) - 1 x E-Z -Zip, with Sheath (Emergency Line Cutting Tool) - 1 x Modular Release - 1 x Short Bridle (4’) for MR - 1 x Earth Anchor & Industrial Grade Swivel Pulley We are asking CDN $ 4,500.00 OBO. Please contact Carlos for more information: Checkout some pictures here:,com_phocagallery/Itemid,7/id,31:/view,category/

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Sent From:, Sat Mar 14 07:51:51 PDT 2009

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Wanted Talon 140 or Litespeed 3.5 or 4

Price: Neg

Comments: Good condition,

Contact Information: chris(dot)vanvelden*at*yah00dotcom

Sent From:, Thu Mar 26 09:34:42 PDT 2009

Equipment Type: Miscellaneous

Flytec 3005 SI Vario (Excellent Condition)

Price: 65.00 incl shipping in USA

Comments: This vario is in excellent condition

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Sent From:, Fri Mar 27 18:16:48 PDT 2009