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Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Flight Designs 168 Javelin

Price: 450$

Comments: Glider is in excellent condition,photos available.

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Tue Apr 1 15:26:57 PST 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

166 Wills Wing Ultra Sport

Price: 2200$

Comments: Very clean low airtime glider,has corner brackets with Hall wheels and folding base tube,large harness with chute and instruments also available.

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Tue Apr 1 15:31:53 PST 2003

Equipment Type: Parachute

20-Gore Conical Reserve Chute

Price: $150

Comments: This is a very clean looking reserve with no indication of deterioration. Email me for additional information and/or a picture of the packed chute.

Contact Information: Daniel Snow, Home(256)782-2533, Work(256)240-2386 x2049,

Sent From: 1, Wed Apr 2 09:58:16 PST 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Exxtacy Sail

Price: ???

Comments: Hello I am looking for a new sail for my Exxtacy 160.

Contact Information: EK PH # 970-209-8376 or

Sent From:, Wed Apr 2 18:30:12 PST 2003

Equipment Type: Harness

Mosquito Harness and glider for sale

Price: $3000

Comments: Mosquito harness: This is the model just before the NRG came out, so it has the bigger engine. I bought it new. It has 10 flights and about 10 hours on it. It also comes with a brand new 330 Quantum chute with a paraswivel, and a Wills Wing Eurosport which has been modified to fly with the mosquito. I paid $5700 for all of this. It's yours for $3,000. I have recently reduced the price from $3,750 because I am getting out of the sport and working on a pilot's license, so I need the money for lessons. If you have been thinking about getting into powered hang gliding, I don't think you are going to find a better deal than this. You won't have to modify your existing glider and you won't have to buy an extra chute. I'm in the East San Francisco Bay area. Send me an email. This stuff is priced to move!

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Thu Apr 3 14:06:10 PST 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Aeros Stealth-2+ (142 sqf.)

Price: $1100

Comments: Aeros Stealth-2+ (142sqf.) Oleg Racer. Has mylar px-10 sail cloth. Carbon crossbar and winglets. Two sets of wires, (regular and razor thin). This is a competition wing and should be flown by no less than a pilot with very strong H3 skills. Good condition. $1100 Firm. Wife says I can buy a Combat-2.

Contact Information: John Nagyvary (505) 237-1646.

Sent From: 1, Fri Apr 4 08:23:28 PST 2003

Equipment Type: Paraglider

Alpine light & compact paraglider - Nervures Kenya 26

Price: 950 $

Comments: Alpine light & compact paraglider, 10 lbs., 5.5 gallons, weightload 155-200lbs (see for all specifications). Excellent condition, 50 flights, 2 inspections.

Contact Information: Antoine Messiah, 610-543-5191 (home) or 215-746-7347 (work), and

Sent From:, Fri Apr 4 11:12:13 PST 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

paramotor Airfer FALCON 120 TITANIUM

Price: 3100 € Euro

Comments: Airfer FALCON 120 TITANIUM with 122 cm detachable propeller. 120 cc engine with fully tuned exhaust, 5 part full titanium frame (very light and resistant), harness with antiforget system and ventral parachute, centrifugal clutch, transport bag (special designed for it). It’s absolutely new, 4 flight hours. 2 months old, I sell it by professional reasons, Still 10 months manufacturer guarantee. (photos send on request) 3.100 € (Euro). Manolo; from Spain

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Sun Apr 6 15:03:28 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Miscellaneous

North Wing ATF Soaring Trike

Price: $4500/OBO

Comments: Set up for a WW 225 Falcon. Hirth F33 w/electric start. Two batteries, two props (Powerfin 48x3, TN 48x2 wood) CHT/Tach/Hour meter. 10 hours total time. Email for pictures and video.

Contact Information: Contact Lance at or (434) 517-1115 (Central Viriginia)

Sent From:, Mon Apr 7 12:43:42 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Paraglider


Price: $750 or offer USA only

Comments: This red and white FreeX Fiber paraglider is in great condition with only 20 hours on it. Purchased by a beginner and he can't use it. It's a 32 meter wing, which will handle pilots up to 130 kilograms, or about 270 lbs, give or take, easily. It is a DHV 3 wing and is designed for either cliff use, or for paramotoring. It has exceptional lift and glide ratios. With airfoils you trade off stability for increased lift, performance, and glide. The ultimate trick off designers is to find a stable wing with great lift, performance, and glide- they haven't solved that one yet. I believe the stats for this wing are in the 12:1 glide ratio or better, which is 33% better than a dhv 1 or 2 wing. Photos available if you e-mail me.

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Tue Apr 8 10:56:41 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

wills wing ultrasport 147

Price: 2400.00


Contact Information: CALL 612-554-0062 OR E.MAIL KLYNNE@MN.RR.COM

Sent From:, Tue Apr 8 17:15:47 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Gin Bolero (M) -- Best DHV1 Paraglider on the Market!

Price: $1,395

Comments: Almost new medium Gin Bolero. DHV-1. Fewer than 10 hours of airtime. All up weight range of 75-95 kg. Quite possibly the best DHV-1 gliders out there. Extremely safe and fun glider that you can fly for many years. (Australian pilot flew 124 km XC on a Gin Bolero last summer). An absolute steal at almost half the price of a new Bolero! I am at 110 kg and need a bigger wing.

Contact Information: 801-557-5753

Sent From:, Wed Apr 9 21:07:21 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

185 Dream

Price: $700

Comments: 185 Dream in great shape. Black leading edges with rainbow pattern sail. Excellent single surface glider.

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Thu Apr 10 08:42:15 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

add mesquito type motor to my pacific airwave mark 4 17

Price: below 3,000.00

Comments: any advise or help would be great. Has anyone ever thought of a 1 to 2 minute jet propulation on a hang glider?

Contact Information: Ted Myers 619 200 6769

Sent From:, Sat Apr 12 17:23:27 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Trike for Sale

Price: $7500

Comments: TRIKE FOR SALE 2001 Spartan DFS single place, large cockpit, trike. It has a Hirth f-33 28 hp engine with a 3 blade Powerfin prop. It has custom hand brake and accelerator controls. It has a cruise control. It is equipped with a BRS ballistic chute. I had a trailer custom made for the trike. It is a Millerbuilt open trailer with ramp and is ideal for transporting this trike. I have not been able to use the trike because of time constraints due to work. It only has 5 hours on the engine. It comes with a 40 mph wing made by Moyes. I have over $11,000 invested and will take $7500 I will throw in a ham 2 way radio and brand new Comtronics XL com helmet. It has a trike cover and prop covers. I also would give the Saris 3 bar roof rack; (value over $300) for carrying the wing on any full size Suburban or Van. Contact: Photos at

Contact Information:

Sent From: 1, Sat Apr 12 17:36:27 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

PULSE 11M - Low Hrs, Crisp Sail, Never Whacked. $1500/OBO

Price: $1500

Comments: This Pac Airwave Pulse 11M glider has less than 50 hrs on it, and is in perfect condition. The sail is crisp and just like new (white with a medium blue leading edge and under surface), has airfoil down-tubes and I just bought a new padded speed-bar for it. Since purchasing it in 1997, If it's not flying, it's properly stored in an enclosed garage. I need to sell it because I picked up a Mosquito powered harness, and this glider's keel is not able to be modified to make room for the propeller. Includes the blue with yellow Pac Air glider bag, and all appropriate packing pads, manual and batten guide. $1500 - I need to sell this wing (wife says 2 wings are too much), so make me a reasonable offer and it's yours.

Contact Information: Mike Kibort cell- (831) 254-1330 Northern California

Sent From:, Sun Apr 13 09:57:57 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

gliders - harnesses - chutes - motor harness - trainers

Price: $500.

Comments: check out list of used equipment at

Contact Information: or 702 496 7280

Sent From:, Sun Apr 13 12:55:23 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Wills Wing Ultrasport 147 - Practically a give-away.

Price: $1500

Comments: $1000 less than what I paid for it. This is a very nice blue/purple and orange/pink Ultrasport. It is in excellent condition and has less than 30 hours. Comes with small wheels, white winglets, faired downtubes, and speedbar. Digital pictures available for email. Someone is going to get a huge bargain!

Contact Information: Daytime phone 256-240-2386 x2049, Evening 256-782-2533 or 256-782-0655. Email at Located in Jacksonville, AL.

Sent From: 1, Mon Apr 14 12:21:07 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Miscellaneous

GyroRaptor Autogyro kite.

Price: $29.

Comments: The GyroRaptor is a model autogyro kite . It has a 31" rotor span and weighs less than three ounces. Extremely stable flying toy.

Contact Information: For more details go to this website..

Sent From:, Tue Apr 15 09:41:12 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider


Price: 1,000

Comments: Aeros Stealth III, 151 squares,Full race mylar sail, Carbon Crossbar, Auto Sprogs, Horner Winglets, Spring Tip Battens, 66 hours, LE: white Under: Lime Green, Fine condition,VA

Contact Information: Nelson Lewis (434)996-7879

Sent From:, Thu Apr 17 07:40:37 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

willswing fusion 150 sail #3

Price: 2200

Comments: low hour folding base tube / wheels / fin teal / royal blue

Contact Information: 713 385 5989

Sent From:, Fri Apr 18 14:08:33 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

willswing falcon 225

Price: $1700.00

Comments: falcon 225 / folding base tube / big wheels

Contact Information: or 713 385 5989

Sent From:, Fri Apr 18 14:10:24 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

willswing falcon 225

Price: 1800

Comments: 225 falcon / folding base tube / big wheels low hours

Contact Information: or 713 385 5989

Sent From:, Fri Apr 18 14:15:59 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Moyes 147 xtralite

Price: $1000.00

Comments: Orange leading edge, orange and white top, and orange, green and white bottom. This glider is in fair shape it has some small scratches on the leading edge and some delaminating on the tips. This is a high performance glider It's not suitable for inexperienced pilots.Comes with batten chart, instruction manual, spare down tube, and wheels.

Contact Information: John Harper Central, VA. 434-941-5018

Sent From:, Fri Apr 18 19:04:08 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Two Really nice So Cal Hanggliders for sale

Price: 1500-1000

Comments: WillsWing 155XC New condition 30 hrs custom patriotic sail mainbody blue with embedded white stars outboard wing red leading edge white. $1500 obo WillsWing 163 Supersport moderate hrs excellent condition Hot Pink and Black white leading edge. Fun glider flys and lands excellent. $1000

Contact Information: or 714-223-0543

Sent From:, Sat Apr 19 16:07:46 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider


Price: 1,600


Contact Information: JAMES - BONDBURGER@AOL.COM

Sent From:, Sun Apr 20 10:54:43 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Paraglider

Hornet SP

Price: $1795

Comments: For Sale: Medium Hornet SP for only US$1795. Is bascally new with only 15 hours on it. A great deal for an advanced pilot! I am helping sell this for a friend of mine who is moving on. Mike Eberle 206-320-9010

Contact Information: Mike Eberle

Sent From: 1, Sun Apr 20 15:26:57 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Topless package Stealth III 130

Price: 3600

Comments: This auction is for an awesome Stealth 3 topless size 130. Cost almost $6000 new, tax and delivery. The glider has 21 hours loggeds on it by me, the original owner. It is in excellent condition. It has been stored and maintained inside by Rob McKenzie of High Adventure Sports. Package includes a red and black Aeros XC pd harness (was $699 new)under 20 hours and well maintained and stored inside. Comes with and very sporty carrying backpack by Aeros and a top of the line High Energy 220 quantum reserve parachute( never thrown and $600 new.) All three were purchased brand new by me, from the dealer or maunfacturers. Glider is white on top with an all black undersail, a red monogram. Super trick! The glider has never been towed nor landed on wheels. Comes with Horner fiberglass wingtips, an $180 option. Cross bar is the box aluminum not composite. The total weight of the glider is an amazingly light 59lbs. It handles like a sports car. It is extremely stable even at very high speed and turns like a motoercycle. A favorite on the speed gliding scene. L/D is 14. Climb rate is awesome. It really seems to lock in to thermal cores. Lands well because it is very stable and not very prone to pilot induced oscillations. Great wing. With 2 young kids and a business, I can't keep current, so I am going to only fly my paraglider. Otherwise I'd never sell it. I will only sell to current USHGA members or members in good standing in a similar club, and yes, I require that you provide proof. This is an advanced rated wing and an H3 is required. Sorry, no accidents on my conscience. I will ship to anywhere in the world, once payment has cleared my bank. I accept Western Union and money orders only. Payment to be received within 3 days after close of auction. Buyer to pay actual shipping costs. tech info: Sail area 129 sqft nose angle 130-321 Wing span 31 aspect ration 7.8:1 ribs 28 double surface 88% pilot weight range 99-150 lbs min sink 175 fpm glider weight 59.4 lbs Email me for pictures

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Wed Apr 23 10:21:35 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Harness

Hang Gliding Harness with a reserve parachute

Price: $500 OBO

Comments: LIKE NEW - Cocoon style hang gliding harness with an emergency PARACHUTE. The harness & Parachute was designed by High Energy Sports & Free Flight Enterprises. NEVER been used! This harness was custom made for a Miami flight school to fit an individual roughly 5'8" to 5’10" in height and weighing under 180 lbs.. "The parachute is a 20-gore-PDA (meaning it is a Pulled Down Apex type of chute and has 20 sections or panels called gores sewn together). Very Nice Craftsmanship. email for photos. $500. OBO

Contact Information:

Sent From: 1, Wed Apr 23 16:05:10 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

small glider

Price: 100

Comments: very low price

Contact Information: phone:049366289755

Sent From:, Tue Apr 29 03:35:23 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Avionics

WANTED: HG Flytec vario bracket

Price: ???

Comments: I am looking for a used or reasonably priced HG bracket for a Flytec vario.

Contact Information: Email or call (618)779-2340 and ask for Brian.

Sent From: 1, Tue Apr 29 05:35:07 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Miscellaneous


Price: 175.00

Comments: Excellent condition. When not in use always kept in a controlled invironment and inside original pouch. Photos availible to serious inquiries.

Contact Information: Ernie 321-674-4940 or

Sent From:, Tue Apr 29 07:28:59 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Super Sport 158 - WillsWing

Price: $600obo - motivated seller!

Comments: Great shape. Yellow LE with white. New side wires and extra parts included.

Contact Information: Dan Hartowicz 847/699-8545

Sent From:, Wed Apr 30 09:04:01 PDT 2003