Topa Flyers

Hang Gliding in Ventura County, California

Local Hang Gliding Site Guide

Year round cross-country flying is possible at a variety of sites scattered throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. These are described in an on line site guide which can be interfaced through a clickable area map.

Hang gliding instruction is available at Fly Away hang gliding school, run by Tammy Burcar in Santa Barbara.

Additional information (heavy on PG) about Santa Barbara flying can be found at FlyAboveAll. Phone number for windtalker on La Cumbre Peak is (805) 963-4422. Interesting discussion of recent flights and conditions is conducted at South_Coast_Paragliding.

RASP BlipMaps for Santa Barbara, Lakeview & Chelan

These are regional implementations of the BlipMap forecasts developed by Dr. Jack Glendening.
You can read about RASP details and documentation.

I run Santa Barbara forecasts twice daily based on 6Z and 12Z ETA initialization data. These are typically available for the current day by 1 AM and 7 AM PST respectively. Forecasts for the next two days based on 12Z data become available by 10 AM. RASP forecasts for Lakeview and Chelan are also updated daily.

Santa Barbara
Or use Univiewer to access them all (recommended, requires JavaScript).

RUC Forecast Soundings

These are forecasts of the atmospheric profile you can expect at various flying sites at the actual time you will be flying. They are based on the RUC weather model from NOAA/NCEP and are available for the following sites.

Santa Barbara, Pine Mtn, Black Hawk, Lone Pine, Bishop, Guadalajara

12Z Upper Air Soundings

I've written some scripts which download the 12Z soundings every morning and plot up the data in a form more intelligible to pilots than the Stuve or SkewT plots. Tell me if you have any sites you'd like me to add.

Vandenberg, Mercury, San Diego, Oakland, Edwards, Medford

Tuscon, Flagstaff, Albequerque, Boise, Denver, Grand Junction, Salt Lake City, Reno, Riverton

Topeka, Grand Rapids, Norman OK, Dodge City KS, Midland Regional TX, Amarillo

Or submit request for station not listed above. See map of station IDs.

Station ID:

Winds Aloft Forecast          700 mb Forecast          Other weather information.

Used Equipment Ads

Peruse and place ads for used hang gliding or paragliding equipment. Database of hang glider models will tell you what's what.

Contact Information

For more information about the Topa Flyers or local flying you can contact:

Get BUGged.