RASP BLIPMAP UniViewer Created by John Whitney (F9)
BLIPMAPTM = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening,  Meteorologist  
RASP = Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction
Santa Barbara, Lakeview & Chelan Regions implemented and run twice daily by Don Taber
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Region:   SantaBarbara CA   Lakeview OR   Chelan WA  
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Grid:   Coarse (4 km)   Fine (1.3 km)
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1000 PST   1200 PST  
1300 PST   1230 PST  
1600 PST   1300 PST  

Parameter: (Help)
Thermal Up. Vel. & B/S Ratio
Critical Updraft Hgt (Hcrit)
Depth of Hcrit (AGL Hcrit)
Convergence (Up/Down Mot.)
BL Avg. Wind
Surface Wind
Surface Temperature

(1) Sounding
(2) Sounding
(3) Sounding
(4) Sounding
(5) Sounding

Cu Cloudbase @CuPot>0
OD Cloudbase @ODpot>0
BL Depth
BL Top Height
Thermal Updraft Velocity
Buoyancy/Shear Ratio
Thermal Hgt. Variability
Surface Heating
Surface Sun
BL Top Wind
BL Vertical Wind Shear
Cumulus Potential
Cumulus Cloudbase
OD Potential
OD Cloudbase
CloudWater Cloudbase
Sfc. Dew Point Temp.

Terrain Elevation:
Region MOAD (12 km)  
Coarse Grid (4 km)  
Fine Grid (1.3 km)  

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