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Equipment Type: Miscellaneous

Beware - Scammers are using this board

Price: Scammers are here

Comments: On two of my ads placed here, I'm getting these foreign nationals interested in my equipment. First, they want to buy it, no questions asked. Next, they want to sent a $4000 check to buy a $100 item and ask that you get the check, cash it and send the remainder on to some US contact. If you bite on that, they get the standard scammer claiming to be an attorney in a foreign country to try to talk you into opening a joint account wherin you'll put money there to match theirs. They withdraw yours and you lose. That's the scam. And they're using hang gliding ads to get your attention. I just put them on the spam list. Hope this helps everyone.

Contact Information: Dempsey

Sent From:, Tue May 3 09:42:11 PDT 2005

Equipment Type: Hang Glider


Price: 1400.00


Contact Information: CALL AFTER 9.00PM OR WEEKEND ASK FOR CL

Sent From:, Tue May 3 14:58:28 PDT 2005

Equipment Type: Hang Glider


Price: 1400.00


Contact Information: CALL AFTER 9:00PM WEEK DAY & ANYTIME ON WEEKENDS (706)897-4426 OR E-MAIL

Sent From: 1, Wed May 4 09:22:42 PDT 2005

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Litespeed 4

Price: 2800 ono

Comments: imaculate low airtime call pepe on 07859037788 brighton uk

Contact Information: tel 07859037788 email

Sent From:, Wed May 11 04:31:29 PDT 2005

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Classic UP Comet C1 185 Vintage 1982

Price: $300.00 OBO

Comments: A pleasure to fly with low hours and low UV fade, still has nice colors - red leading edge, black tips, white top and purple under surface. Mylar leading edge, fully enclosed floating crossbar. A complete spare control frame ( 2 downtubes, basetube and hardware), two extra batten sets, owner's manual and batten patterns. Pilot hook-in weight range: 150-250#. Pictures available.

Contact Information: Email:

Sent From:, Sat May 14 12:48:49 PDT 2005

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Wills Wing Harrier 177

Price: $200.00 OBO

Comments: Vintage 1980 "state of the art" glider with mylar leading edge and exposed floating crossbar. Owner's manual and batten patterns included. Pilot hook-in weight range: 150# - 250#. Pictures available. Asking just $200 OBO. Add knee-hanger harness and carabiner for $65.00. Located in Michigan.

Contact Information: Email:

Sent From:, Sat May 14 12:50:04 PDT 2005

Equipment Type: Paraglider

New Alpha 3, woody valley harness, pRS 2 res FULL SET UP MUST SELL!!!

Price: $3300 b/o

Comments: This is a STEAL, it's never been off the ground!!! Be the first to fly with it. I'm revising the price down to $3300. Don't compare this with all the other paragliders unless they also tell you HOW MANY UV HOURS are on it! This is about as good as it gets for top of the line quality new gear! Don't trust your life to anything else! This is a complete setup with wing, harness, and reserve chute! We really need to sell it!! Call or email with any questions... ADVANCE ALPHA 3 WING WITH A WOODY VALLEY X-PRESS HARNESS W/ PATENTED CYGNUS AIRBAG PROTECTION AND A FREESTYLE PRS 2 RESERVE CHUTE. ONLY 5 HOURS UV ON THE WING!, ALL OF IT ON THE GROUND KITE PRACTICE. THE RESERVE AND HARNESS ARE NEW ALSO. THIS IS A COMLETE SETUP WITH THE BEST OUT THERE WHEN IT COMES TO PARAGLIDING!!! THIS EQUIPMENT IS TOP OF THE LINE AND IN PERFECT NEW CONDITION! PARAGLIDING EQUIPMENT HAS A LIMITED NUMBER OF UV HOURS (hours out of the bag in the light) BEFORE IT IS UNSAFE TO FLY!!! PERFECT CONDITION SHOULD ALSO MEAN LOW UV HOURS! DON'T TRUST YOUR LIFE TO OLD GEAR, BUY NEW OR NEAR NEW WITH LOW UV HOURS!!!!! ALPHA 3 WING= $3200 WOODY VALLEY X-PRESS HARNESS= $550 PRS 2 RESERVE CHUTE= $600 TOTAL= $ 4350 THATS WHAT WE PAID FOR IT+TAX... THE WING IS A 24 AND THE HARNESS IS A MEDUIM. COLORS ARE WHITE/BLUE/ORANGE ON THE WING AND RED AND BLACK ON THE HARNESS. THE WEIGHT RANGE IS 58-75KG (127.5 TO 165LBS) FREESTYLE PRS 2 RESERVE CHUTE- Brand new, hasn't even been put in the harness. WILL SHIP HOWEVER PREFFERED...GET IN TOUCH. WILL ESCROW IF YOUR WILLING TO PAY FOR IT. MUST PAY CA SALES TAX IF SHIPPED TO CA. ANOTHER EMAIL TO CONTACT US AT IS WWW.TRUCKEERIVERPHOTOS.COM EMAIL FOR MORE PHOTOS...OR CALL WITH QUESTIONS (530) 587-6453 THANKS! *always seek professional training before attempting to fly on your own!! Be Smart & Safe, have FUN!!

Contact Information: 530-587-6453

Sent From:, Sun May 22 18:59:49 PDT 2005

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Pacific Airwave K3 in MA

Price: $500 firm

Comments: Has been in storage for many years, but was just flown last year and seemed fine. Less than 30 hours. Includes manual, batten plan, snap-on wheels. Located in Hudson, MA. Local pick up only.

Contact Information:

Sent From: 1, Tue May 24 06:42:48 PDT 2005

Equipment Type: Miscellaneous

WANTED: Falcon I 195 left leading edge assembly

Price: any

Comments: Need a Falcon I 195 left leading edge assembly (all tubes and xbar bracket). Anyone have an old wing for parts?

Contact Information: Larry West. 505 888-8248 24/7 Albuquerque NM (

Sent From:, Fri May 27 10:05:08 PDT 2005

Equipment Type: Harness

2001 NRG

Price: Offer

Comments: 2001 NRG, large, composite prop, blue & black. 24 hours total. Looks & runs great, Extra fuel tank, Hi Energy 440 'chute. FM radio, WW 167 Sport. Reasonable offer.

Contact Information: Brad 715-571-1730

Sent From:, Sun May 7 18:14:02 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Aeros Stealth 3, 13 Meter, 142

Price: $1000, includes shipping.

Comments: Late 2000, upgraded to 2001 specs. White Mylar leading edge, Dacron top, MT 240 trailing edge with strung hem. Bottom is bright red with a black right tip. VG-comensated sprogs, carbon cross spars, tips and basetube, 7075 Finsterwalder-style downtubes, spring ribs. New side wires. Recently torn down, thoroughly inspected, reassembled, still in better than average condition, perfectly tuned. This wing has taken me to some serious fun; I'd like to make someone a good deal and see it do the same for you! There are more recent, more complex, more expensive wings out there, but it would be difficult to find anything that flies better at twice this price. I'm in the Salt Lake City area; come on out and fly it, or I have boxes and experience in the shipping industry. $1000 includes shipping in 48 states.

Contact Information: David Gibson, Home: 801-501-9491, Mobile: 801-918-0699,

Sent From:, Thu May 11 14:06:32 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Variety of Hang Glider Control Bars, Sailbird Flying Machines

Price: ????

Comments: I have a variety of Hang Glider Control Bars. The manufactuer is Sailbird Flying Machines. I also have a vintage 1972-78 hang glider. Email me for pictures and more information. I am located outside of Springfield, Missouri.

Contact Information: Janice Shore

Sent From:, Fri May 19 12:12:28 MST 2006