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Equipment Type: Hang Glider

WW stands for 'Wishy Washy'!!! (Howdy Mike Meier!)

Price: too much

Comments: Donny Deutch was just saying that "instead of just sending out resumes to everybody, it is better to TARGET the company you are most interested in working for" He said that if you send it to the specific person heading the dept you are interested and capable for...they will be impressed and care more. Hmmmmmm?! 'REALLY'????! THAT is exactly the honest feeling I had toward WW the THREE times I contacted them/Mike Meier for a possible job in production. I was honest; open and respectful about what I knew and what I did not know. I even sent photos of glider repairs and restorations I had done...and more. I got an email regarding a "possible position" coming up. I was humble and thankful for that opportunity. Yet it was somewhat poisoned by Mikes 'stand-offish' attitude from the first email to the last he sent. Meaning that: along with the offer were these weird disclaimers. I was leary about that so I in one of my latter (prior to leaving for the job)emails questioned him on that. As the things he shad said presented both job security and INSECURITY at the same time. He was VERY explicit in informing me that my concerns were not founded; that if I did a good job I could expect to be kept on. He even specifically told me to read the Employee Handbook(pdf to me)which says(on page 30)that there is an arbitration process in that if an employee ignores warnings they may lose their job. So...betwwen what Mike said at the last to assure me and the 'so-called' employee hand book I felt my good faith was not without reason...and I left my family; friends and home(of 20 years) to go to a new place. ONLY because of my desire to know and do more with hang gliders AND be a team with those who build them. Almost as soon as I got their, I encountered friendly people and a few who would likewise not even talk to me. MIKE turned out to be the worst. WHY would he complain to me about Josh...and tell me (instead of Josh)that" he screws up so much I should fire him!!!" but then Josh never gets fired. Not my deal either way...but what kind of intelligent boss disrespects an employee like that by talking behind his back? Mike does. Two weeks later...even though I was being told positive things by the people who actually worked alongside me(bill Blaty; Peter Swanson)...I get asked to join a(the first)production meeting. As a second thought...Mike gives me a copy of what was already prepared for everybody else. Then when he asks if there are any questions...I ask a simple one regarding different depts. and how each may build 'ahead' and how that will cooperate. INSTEAD of getting the simple point I was bringing up, he had to scoff and laugh at my use ot the word 'ahead' and go off on that. Everybody laughed. Except minutes later when Peter Swanson used the evil 'ahead' as well regarding production. I could see others look around...but nobody laughed or disrespected his question. Mike never looked at me. But he made it clear in some comments during that meeting that I was a big "if" in his eyes. I'm not stupid...I got it. This man did not stop even ONE time dureing my two weeks at WW to even ask me how things were going. About an hour after that 'production' meeting...was the FIRST time he ever asked regarding what I could do. he asked my trainer(wires)Bill Blaty(one of the nicest guys in the UNIVERSE!!!!!)What can he do?" To which Bill responded: "He knows how to do ALL the wires". I looked at Mike waiting to get some acknowledgement for that fact but none came. The point being that he had NO problem shooting me down in front of everybody...but did not even know or bother to find out my skills till AFTER he had chosen to do that. I went out to my van after work and took the Wills Wing stickers OFF. I went to my website and took the positive referal to Wills Wing OFF. This one pitiful excuse for an employer(or man, in my book)had given me every reason to do so. Never the less...I was the FIRST one in my dept to arrive at work the next work day. At which time Mike had my last check ready and NO reason offered as to why I was being fired. Well, let's add it up. the people I worked with and who bothered to see how I work and what I was doing LIKED me. MIKE is the one(followed closely by Rick)who did not want me there. Nevermind what he had assured me in his latest emails; never mind what the employee manual said. I (not Josh)got fired. Mike could not care less...and that is why I will now NEVER buy anything WW or forget about what he did. there you go.

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Sent From:, Thu Jun 1 13:52:28 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

as well...

Price: too much

Comments: If you ask me, Mike has his brain in backwards on noticing what people will do to prove they care. I have a nice home in Portland and my own business. I screen print and mfg my own line of screen printing equipment. 1,237 personnally built; sold and demoed to date. And I treat EVERY customer(even prospectives) with nothing but respect and courtesy. I did not need to drive nearly 1000 miles to be disrespected by Mike for any reason. He KNEW before I came that I would be staying in my van. NOT as a bum...but as a person who would rather do that than pass up what I thought was a great company and job opportunity. He WRONGLY assumed that that made me less respectable. Even though I am likely cleaner; earlier to and more awake for work than HE is! I did not leave my personal pride in Portland OR when I drove to Orange California. BORING place...except that I really cared about my new job. I did not expect to work for a boss so much MORE bored or boring. Mike had the chance to judge me by fair my WORK. I was doing wires for U2's and T3's my FIRST day. On that same day Mike walked right by me and did not even return my 'hello'. He was rude to his wife when I first met him and he was rude to me the whole time I was there...ending in my firing. I never got fired from anywhere, for doing a good job and being on time; liked and caring. And...while Mike had NO intention of telling me why he was firing me....he yet insisted that I sign yet ANOTHER form(big packet when they hire)on my way out. Sign 'THIS'...Mike! Of course I refused, and HE(not me) stormed out of the room. Wow. This is ALL true and a huge part of me wants to sue WW for discrimination and anything else Mikes psycho attitude and choice at my expense might be able to be legally remedied. I returned to Portland. I wonder what Mike would do if I came back to Orange again...only THIS time....he was answering to ME instead of the chance HE got to show more respect. I'm working on that. Mike had NO reason to take the stance and prejudice he clearly took against me. NO reasonable person would do what he did...NO reasonable and hard working(with or without the added 1000 miles, each way!)employee deserves it. I'm looking to smash that little rock Mike is hiding behind that says doing so is okay if your company is 'big' enough. Guess what Mike....'it' ISN'T, AND YOU ARE NOT. I love several outdoor sports but none like I felt about hang gliding. Sometimes I got the feeeling that certain Hg people are elitist and NOBODY made that clearer than Mike Meier. He was the ONLY one that showed to fire me. Rob...nor Steve(at least pretended somewhat to be friendly)had the balls to say 'good-bye'. So....I would say my garage based business is bigger and better than Wills Wing. They have people working there who DO NOT WANT TO WORK THERE AND SAY SO! I was in Ca with NOTHING else in mind but to honor them with my best(which is good and gets better with time!); increase my flying time and skills and even by a glider from them(not that I needed THAT particular expense...but I thought it would be cool and appreciated). HA!!!! Agree with me? Don't? Does not really matter. Just ask yourself how much your life would change if suddenly you had(instead of a good and fair boss?)a 'Mike Meier' happen to YOU. Better 1000 miles to meet that BS. I bet you won't be quiet about it then. But that won't happen to YOU, because it is so freaking weird and unbelievable sounding that you don't think that would happen to anybody. I didn't. Just goes to show that you can run into ZEROS everywhere. I'm building equipment(and my first kayak here soon); and I am exercising my right to SPEAK UP....ALWAYS. That "$1000.00" that I was putting aside as I could for the glider down payment can just as easily pay for a return trip and a lawyer. Right Mike?!! By the van WAS and IS clean and organised. Did YOU ever grab a sponge and work some of that pissy attitude off on your own filthy WW bathroom????? Just wondering....all things being supposedly 'equal'!!!! Free speech is my right and THIS is the truth. I will tell it everywhere and anywhere I get the chance. I paid for the right.

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Sent From:, Thu Jun 1 14:51:04 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider


Price: any

Comments: So............I take it you're upset with Wills Wing. Unfortuantely they build a hell of a glider.

Contact Information: Wills

Sent From:, Sun Jun 4 17:29:39 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

1984 UP Gemini 164 for sale. $400. This glider is in very good condition for its age. It is an ideal wing for getting that H2 rating as I did. Easy to set up and very light for hauling up that hill. Large plastic "M&M" wheels included. I also have a copy of the original owners manual and batten pattern for this glider. Santa Rosa CA 707-695-1255 1984 UP Gemini 164 for sale. $400. Glider: UP Gemini 164 $400 obo

Price: $400 obo

Comments: 1984 UP Gemini 164 for sale. $400. This glider is in very good condition for its age. It is and ideal wing for getting that H2 rating as I did. Easy to set up and very light for hauling up that hill. Large plastic "M&M" wheels included. I also have a copy of the original owners manual and batten pattern for this glider. Santa Rosa CA (San Francisco area) 707-695-1255 Ian

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Sent From:, Thu Jun 8 12:47:52 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

WW XC 142

Price: $950

Comments: Second place in 2005 Chelan classic! This was one of last ones built in 1999. Low hours. Sexy colors - lilac light purple, magenta tip and black XC. Clean sail, always garaged. Standard and cross country bags. Spare downtube I have never needed. Also have extra set of 1/8" lift wires for extra security at King mountain! Located in Seattle. PS I'm not selling this glider because of the adds below!

Contact Information: Gary Braun 206-283-2185

Sent From:, Thu Jun 8 13:21:36 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

HPAT 158

Price: free

Comments: Hey if anyone in the Midwest has a need for an HPAT 158, come and get it. its airworthy except the keel. If someone needs extra Down-tubes, L.E's or xbars nows your chance. Sail is fair. Take the whole thing. All for the low price of nothing. Won't ship. In Des Moines, Iowa Hang Gliding Mecca USA. Zeph

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Sun Jun 11 14:59:38 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider


Price: $2500.00


Contact Information: PHONE KEV ON 0424678743 OR TRACEY ON 0406310087

Sent From:, Tue Jun 13 02:40:31 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Sensor 610 144

Price: $2000.

Comments: Sensor 610 144 in pristine condition , very low uv time and flying time. Stored indoors heated space

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Wed Jun 14 04:20:12 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Harness


Price: $3500/offer

Comments: NRG - composite prop, pull start, 24 hours total time. Looks & runs great! Extra fuel tank.

Contact Information: Brad 715-571-1730 WI.

Sent From:, Wed Jun 14 12:30:26 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Wills Wing And Mike Meier

Price: Priceless

Comments: Yes I'v met Mike Meier over at Wills Wing too .....And well he is a great guy ..awesome pilot and really knows how to run a business and fly a glider . Instead of always looking outward as to what others do , it's good to not forget to look inward as well ..??/ Free speak and all that !!!!!!! We all love Wills Wing

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Sent From:, Wed Jun 14 18:07:24 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

i just bought a airwave 166 dual surface glider missing a spar where can i get a new one?

Price: name it

Comments: ok so i bought a kite out of the paper for 50 bucks i figured the harness is well worth that and i would like to find a leading spar and a down tube. if not i will use it for a rack can anyone help me?

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Fri Jun 16 00:28:37 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

This isn't about advertising. is it...?...!

Price: Mostly free (wing is $1000)

Comments: Having been involved in the sport for awhile myself (1975) and in the H/G industry for a few years in the 1980s - 4 years with UP, 2 1/2 years off-and-on with WW - I've certainly been through my share of trials and tribulations. I can understand and respect your initial enthusiam, your eventual frustration, as well as your assertion of your right of freedom to express your experiences along with all you feel that you have learned from all that. However, as far as I can see, this web site is apparently intended more as a classified ad site for used H/G equipment. With respect, your sincerest expression of your experience in vocational change wouldn't seem to fit anywhere in any classification here in this space. Moreover, ther are plenty of internet chat rooms and blogging sites, many of them H/G specific - far more than most of us even know of - that are well intended and perfectly suited for this purpose. Again, with respect, personally, I feel that there are more appropriate places for you to reiterate your self expression. As for the originally intended purpose of this web site: I have a nice 2001 Aeros Stealth 3, 13 meter, 142, white Mylar leading edge, Dacron top, 240 MT trailing edge with a strung hem, red and black bottom surface, carbon cross spars, tips and base tube, 7075 Finsterwalder-style downtubes. It's in above average condition for its age. It has shown me some great times; it can do the same for you. I'd like to make someone a good deal and see you have as much fun with it as I had. I'm in the Salt Lake City area; come on out here and fly it, or possibly meet somewhere else. Hard to find anything better at this price: $1000 includes shipping in 48 states. Why am I selling it? Thought you would never ask! Taking delivery of T2 144 designed built by my friends at WW, most of whom who have been hard at it since the 1970s... Friendly Skies and Godspeed...!

Contact Information: David Gibson, 801-501-9491,

Sent From:, Mon Jun 19 13:26:04 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Harness


Price: SOLD

Comments: Sold NRG

Contact Information: Brad 715-571-1730.

Sent From:, Wed Jun 21 18:14:39 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Wanted UP XTC 175 LE. Paraglider for sale or trade for Falcon

Price: $200 for L.E.?

Comments: Glider Model:XTC 175 Glider Size:175 I need an inboard right side leading edge tube.Is the XTC a prerunner of the Saturn? I have a TR-3 160 also that I would trade for your 142 Predator or any size Falcon or Dream . The TR-3 is in mint condition with see through kevlar sail.I also have a TRX 142 keel tube, a carbon downtube and basetube.Paraglider is a NEW 2001 Mac Para Trance 24 and a solid DHV2 high performance wing $1200 thanks, Mike Butler P.S. I think Mike Meier may seem rude but I appreciate his high standard in manufactering consistently, wings and parts that my ass is hanging from.I understand managing employees and I turn stressed and rude also when ego's have to be stroked to get work done.

Contact Information: mike butler hang gliding ph. 209 742 8540 e-mail

Sent From:, Fri Jun 30 07:57:05 MST 2006