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Equipment Type: Harness

Delta-Bravo harness

Price: 700

Comments: Hang Gliding harness for sale: "Delta-Bravo". Professional pod harness, similar design to Aeros Myth II. Brand new and comfortable. $ 700. For more details visit

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Thu Feb 2 13:06:53 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

165 Dream Hang Glider Beginner Wing Mint condition

Price: $1000

Comments: This wing is honestly in new-mint condition. I flew it today at Lake Mc clure. All the MLSR club member guys saw it and can agree that the glider is in mint condition.I can throw in a harness and chute for $200.

Contact Information: 209 742 6141 cell 209 742 8540 e-mail

Sent From:, Sat Feb 4 19:19:28 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Control bar,Down tubes,& wires

Price: $300

Comments: Complete slipstream control frame, down tubes, control bar w/pip pins, front,rear, and side wires. From a fusion, tubing should be good for most gliders using slipstream downtubes, not sure on the wires. Everything straight and in excellent condition.

Contact Information: Dave

Sent From:, Mon Feb 6 13:05:11 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Harness


Price: 2800

Comments: FOR SALE: $2800. A-10 15 Hp Mosquito power harness with carbon fiber prop. On a flight in November it took me above 10,000 on a 0 thermal day. Saturday, Feb. 6 i flew for 2+ hours around a lake climbing over 9,000'. Extras: valve before the carburetor for quick and easy fuel line priming and air purge, after-market air filter and exhaust silencer, auxiliary fuel tank, MiniTach, enlarged parachute pocket, auxiliary head support, protected skids, quick disconnect fuel line coupler, 3/8 clear fuel lines, fuel filter, camelback routing, RF shielded ignition. New: muffler springs, recoil spring, ignition cable, break pad, harness zipper.

Contact Information: Tom Zylak,, 760-757-7662 in Oceanside, California.

Sent From:, Mon Feb 6 14:51:15 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Paraglider

SOL Ellus DVH 1-2 Package

Price: $1500

Comments: pretty much new. I learned on other gear and bought this upon finishing training. The Sol reserve is new. The backpack is used but is better built than the one Sol gives you. The Sol Mountain Airbag harness is basically new also. It's very light and is good for training and climbing. The Sol full face helmet is I think a size 56, silver, and new. Cloud 9 sells this set-up for $3500. The color sounds silly but is actually really cool with white lettering. I can send photos. If you want it act fast, I'm leaving the country in two weeks for 2 months(today-feb 11). Cheers

Contact Information: Sam Stallings 816-582-7190

Sent From:, Fri Feb 10 22:50:39 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Talon 150

Price: 3900

Comments: Red and white. Excellent condition, original owner, only 23 flights. 1st place in 2004, 2nd in 2005 Chelan XC Classic, Topless Division. Washington glider = low UV

Contact Information: Contact Doug Campbell 360-897-6463 or

Sent From:, Fri Feb 24 15:08:27 MST 2006

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

UP XTC DS 170 Hang glider for sale

Price: $950

Comments: UP XTC with double surface 170 for sale, Very good condition. Pilot weight 135 to 250. Is USHGA Hang 2, (novice glider. Easy flying glider. Colorado location Can send pictures

Contact Information: Gerald Poppy

Sent From:, Mon Feb 27 13:56:50 MST 2006