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Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Pacific Airwave Pulse 10M - $900.00 OBO

Price: 900.00 obo

Comments: Pacific Airwave Pulse 10M for sale. Great beginner/intermediate double surface glider. Flys and lands like a Falcon but has better penetration. Includes wheels, speed bar, batton chart and new bag. Located in Southern California

Contact Information: Chris AT etrecruiting DOT com (925) 570-7629

Sent From:, Thu Aug 7 15:29:33 PDT 2008

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Wills Wing Falcon 1 195

Price: $1000 OBO

Comments: Red and Black Falcon 1 (first generation). Standard Downtubes. Used very little (I upgraded gliders shortly after purchasing this). This is the original Falcon. Located in Portland, OR.

Contact Information: Doug McCleary 53-421-5651

Sent From:, Mon Aug 11 18:15:41 PDT 2008

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Falcon 140 with High Energy Harness

Price: 1699

Comments: Falcon 140 Hang Glider, turquoise and white in excellent condition. SWEET glider. Also veritably new High Energy Sports Knee Hanger Harness, Red & Black. Comes with big wheels, Wills Wing Bag and Critter Bag (for transport during inclement weather). I have priced the package low so it may sell before I change my mind again. I have many photos, including all details, so just email me if you would like to see more. Or, if you are local (Rio Rancho, NM) and would like to come see it, let me know. All in great shape to serve the dedicated pilot for some time to come.

Contact Information:

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Equipment Type: Hang Glider

good kite for the price

Price: 850

Comments: Moyes Mission hang glider, aprox 50 hrs, in Los Angeles

Contact Information: Shawn 888 416-6726

Sent From:, Mon Aug 18 21:20:42 PDT 2008