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Equipment Type: Paraglider

PPG package for Sale

Price: US 5,500 + shipping

Comments: For sale: Complete PPG package including: 1.Free Spirit paraglider motor (based on the Cors-Air Black Devil engine 172.5 cc, 25 hp, 150 165 lbs thrust tandem capable) 2.Sting Powerplay paraglider, size 140 (80 - 105 kg). DULV/German Ultralight Association and DHV 1 & DHV1-2. (One of few wings certified for BOTH Powred and Free Paragliding). Also reserve chute, training harness, factory installed TinyTach/Hour Meter, radio and helmet. Almost new (about 3 hr total flight time) equipment in excellent condition. $5,500 + shipping If interested, e-mail: Or call: (240) 632-2831

Contact Information: (240) 632 2831

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Equipment Type: Hang Glider

225 FalconII exc. cond.$2000 Mac Para Trance 24 New $900

Price: $2000

Comments: Hang Glider is blue-purple and white main sail.Paraglider is in new mint condition.Flown on my training hill 3 times.

Contact Information: cell phone 209-742-3099 e-mail

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