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Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Stealth II 142----Price reduced for quick sale!!

Price: $2,000 OBO

Comments: GREAT handling high performance wing, awesome glide, good condition. Less than 100 hours. White LE, dark blue under surface with asymmetric lime-green tip. Graphite wing tips. Can email photos. Located in Reno, NV.

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Fri Aug 1 06:08:26 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Formula 154 - Similar to a Pulse, Mark IV or Sport

Price: Price Reduced!! - $575

Comments: 154 Formula in very good condition. Great double surface glider. EZ to set-up, fly and land. A great glider that makes you feel like a great pilot! Bring the FUN back into flying. I have 2 hang gliders and my wife says one is the limit so my loss is your gain...... Doug Contact Information: Doug Wells at or 801-557-5753

Contact Information: 801-557-5753

Sent From:, Fri Aug 1 13:39:29 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Moyes SX5

Price: $1600

Comments: Excellent condition and very low hours. Spare downtube and batten chart included.

Contact Information: Doug 831-426-3936

Sent From:, Sat Aug 2 08:17:10 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

WW U2 and WW Talon

Price: Negotiable

Comments: Want to trade a 150 Talon for a U2 160 Calif.?

Contact Information: Call (559)435-3596 or e-mail

Sent From:, Mon Aug 4 09:42:37 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

163 WW Supersport Price reduced

Price: $800.00

Comments: So Calif Glider excellent condition White/Hotpink/Black Flys really well have too many wings in garage HELP!

Contact Information: or 714-223-0543

Sent From:, Mon Aug 4 17:56:44 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

155 WW/XC Price reduced

Price: $1300.00

Comments: xcellent condition low hrs approx 30hrs white leading edge blue main body with embedded stars and red outer panel very nice wing. So Cal Glider

Contact Information: or 714-223-0543

Sent From:, Mon Aug 4 17:59:06 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Moyes 147 xtralite

Price: $900.00

Comments: Orange leading edge, orange and white top, and orange, green and white bottom. This glider is in fair shape it has some small scratches on the leading edge and some delaminating on the tips. But still flies very good I had a 62 mile flight on it last year (as a Rookie). I now fly a Talon so the xtralite must go. This is a high performance glider It's not suitable for inexperienced pilots.Comes with batten chart, instruction manual, spare down tube, and wheels. $900.00 or trade for falcon or stream line harness.

Contact Information: John Harper Central Va 434-941-5018

Sent From: 1, Wed Aug 6 18:36:48 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Gliders for sale

Price: make offer

Comments: Laminar 14 MR, 05/03, Mylar, carbon, comp controlbar, top comp. Glider 6500.00 Laminar 13 MR 700 WRE , less than 10 flights, 5000.00 2002 Air Atos, 6500.00 For complete listing visit

Contact Information: 808 895 9772

Sent From:, Fri Aug 8 20:09:52 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

wills wing ultra sport 147

Price: 1500

Comments: Glider has 19.5 hours on it since new! The glider is basicaly in new condition. This is a give away price for this great wing. This is the best flying glider I have ever flown. I am selling it because I no longer have the time to fly it. This glider needs a good home. Some one who loves to fly has the time and wants the security of an intermediate wing should buy this glider. Thanks

Contact Information: Mike (559)584-1019

Sent From:, Sun Aug 10 14:17:07 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Falcon 225 for sale

Price: $1,500

Comments: Perfect condition for 1/2 the price of a new one...less than 50 hours, crisp sail, attack tubes. Used for tandem aerotowing.

Contact Information: Kevin 479-290-7401; 479-651-5930 (cell)

Sent From:, Sun Aug 10 19:14:27 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Paraglider


Price: 75.00


Contact Information: EANTINOR@HARRIS.COM 321-674-4940 ERNIE

Sent From:, Mon Aug 11 10:59:37 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Parachute

Wanted: Second Chantz high pressure air "rocket"

Price: ?$

Comments: I need to replace the old solid fuel rocket and repack the canopy. Help!

Contact Information: Don

Sent From:, Tue Aug 12 11:19:21 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Miscellaneous

Vario & accessories for sale

Price: $475

Comments: Brauniger IQ Comfort Vario w/ speed probe, HG mount, plexicover, neocover & video. Only used twice...upgrading to GPS model.

Contact Information: 479-290-7401 or 479-651-5930.

Sent From:, Wed Aug 13 10:47:04 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

2003 CLIMAX 2 13 for sale

Price: $3600

Comments: 141 sq. ft. - White with red stripe - Full Mylar and Race Frame - Must sell -

Contact Information: E-mail or call 706-657-2014

Sent From: 1, Thu Aug 14 08:14:18 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

2003 LITESPEED 4 for sale

Price: $4500 OBO

Comments: Full Race options - Mylar sail and zoom control frame - Perfect condition - Must sell soon -

Contact Information: E-mail or call 706-398-2467

Sent From: 1, Thu Aug 14 08:16:48 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

2003 LITESPEED 3 for sale

Price: $4500 OBO

Comments: Mylar sail and zoom control frame - 137 sq. ft. - Sweet handling - Great glider for lighter pilot -

Contact Information: E-mail or call 706-398-9175

Sent From: 1, Thu Aug 14 08:19:23 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider


Price: $1000.00

Comments: Parasail for sale,brand new never flown.I have 2 harneses and the total up weight is 400lbs has 300ft of tow line that attaches from back of boat.I am looking for a reasonable glider so I will consider trade for equal value,it was bought new in may for $1400.00 but I will let it go for less,I have lost my boat.

Contact Information: galen cockrell 813-486-7246 or

Sent From:, Thu Aug 14 09:09:36 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider


Price: $1000

Comments: This is a great deal! Less than 20 hrs. Clean, crisp, and in excellent condition. Some damage history, rebuilt and test flown by Airtime Above and Wills Wing. Blue undersurface, red tip, white"US", white l/edge and top. Have h/duty PVC shipping tube. Located in Florida

Contact Information: Scott Strand (850)514-0515

Sent From:, Thu Aug 14 09:47:39 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Aeros Stalker Rigid Wing For Sale

Price: 6500.00

Comments: Aeros Rigid Wing 2001 Stalker – White Upper Surface, Red & White Lower Surface. The only weight-shift rigid with ailerons! Very sweet to fly. Power steering! Very Good Condition. Includes New Micro Drag Carbon Control Frame. Includes New “Race” Aileron, Nose & Rear Cables. Includes “Winglets”. Includes Travel UV Protective Cover Bag. Includes Brand New XC/Storage Bag. Includes Spare Aluminum Uprights, Faired Carbon Base-Tube, & All Original Lower Cables. Why pay $11,000 for a new rigid when you can save $4500. Available in Austin, Tx for $6500. Mike 512-388-6556 home, 512-848-2236 wk/cell

Contact Information: Mike 512-848-2236

Sent From:, Fri Aug 15 10:34:46 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Moyes Xtralite 147

Price: $1000 or best offer

Comments: Moyes Xtralite 147 for sale. Good condition. Sail is in good condition and leading edge is starting to delaminate but still flies great! VG has additional pully system making the VG much better than stock. Glider, XC bag only, HES rain bag, batten template included. Located Outer Banks NC.}

Contact Information: Doug

Sent From:, Sat Aug 16 21:42:08 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Trade High end Bike For used falcon, spectrum, vision or pulse

Price: Trade

Comments: I have a Cannondale M500 Mountain Bike with 26" Mavic 236 wheels, Dogbone stem and straight handle bars. Single speed. Gel seat. Diamondback pedals and shimano Deore LX arms. Would retail new for over $1000.00

Contact Information: Ken 215-244-0661 267-688-0648

Sent From: 1, Mon Aug 18 16:06:54 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Avionics

Two Ball Varios For Sale

Price: $65

Comments: Two Ball varios! 652 w/airspeed & M50. Visit the link below for pictures & full details.

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Thu Aug 21 00:30:13 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

trx 140

Price: $ 1100.00 can.

Comments: Good glider in carbon very lite only 60 pounds ,ez to take off and to land large window to flare.For pilots up to 220 pounds ,possibilities to come with harness.

Contact Information: Alain phone: (450)625-9871

Sent From:, Fri Aug 22 07:46:25 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Squat Machine

Price: $0,00

Comments: Trade for glider.

Contact Information: Andy Tolley (915)821-4662

Sent From:, Sat Aug 23 06:49:06 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Laminar 14 MRX 700

Price: $3,900

Comments: Excellent condition!!! Looks new with no damage (never broke anything). 1 owner. Stored in PVC tube at the Sylmar LZ. Extras include 2 spare down tubes & an extra set of wires. Come test fly in LA. Photos available upon request.

Contact Information: Ron Wiener 310.7795348 or 310.2744946 or

Sent From:, Mon Aug 25 09:03:48 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Icaro Laminar 14 ST

Price: $1900

Comments: Icaro Laminar 14 ST is a 1997 topless very high performance hang glider, mylar, carbon Xbar ser #5710, weight 35 kg (77 lbs), min/ max launch weights are 65/100kg (143/220 lbs) Vne is 100 km/r and split wheels are included. like new condition, two extra down tubes, too much for a guy my age to handle. will send .jpg through email

Contact Information:

Sent From:, Tue Aug 26 23:09:03 PDT 2003

Equipment Type: Hang Glider

Airwave Pulse II 15m - Great first glider!

Price: $2600

Comments: Airwave Pulse II 15m - Crisp sail, no fade, blue/yellow/white, well maintained, great first glider. $2600. Near St. Louis, MO (618) 655-0314

Contact Information: 618.655.0314

Sent From:, Thu Aug 28 10:59:51 PDT 2003